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Beautiful Photos Taken Through Glass & Orbs

Have you ever had a glass of wine, maybe a glass of Champagne or other drink and noticed that the light is reflected quite beautifully, well we have and we've taken a few photos over the years as many of our team are keen photographers. We've collected our best shots as well as photos from across the web of scenes with either glass or water reflecting the light, the results are some stunning photos.

Our attempt at photography, no orb but we innovated with an upside down wine glass

A beautiful reflection in this orb

A forest with the sun coming through

This tree looks fantastic

Orb in the hand gives that added dimension

You'll notice images are inverted

So many users invert the photos

 Another wine glass effort one which got us the idea of trying it

 One of our favourites

We love this orb

We do agree that sunsets make the best photos

Are you a keen photographer, fancy having a go ? If so send us your photos and we'll feature them here.